Classes & Plant Walks


Join me, Mark Angelini, in the exploration of our abundantly available wild edible and medicinal plants.

What to Expect

Our foraging courses are educational walks through various ecosystems 0n a central Virginia farm. You can expect us to cover the basics of meeting and identifying plants, learning about their qualities, uses, and ecological functions, and delicious ways to incorporate them into daily life. We will go over ethical foraging guidelines & principles, sustainability, and plant & ecosystem history and functions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Plant I.D. & Basic Botany
  • Basic Ecology
  • How to Harvest Wild Food
  • How to Prepare Wild Food

2017 Wild Food Plant Walk Dates:

I’ve yet to solidify any dates, being caught up in spring work here on our new homestead and farm. I’ll post updates here and to my email list when they are solidified. Thanks for checking in!